Little Daisy's Boutique carries bows and gift ideas for babies and girls of all ages! All items are made just for you when you order! Choose from the designs and colors you see, or request your own! They make great gifts for everyone, and are especially fun for baby showers!

Availability is limited!! So please note that when you place an order, it is not a guarentee you will recieve those items. Please inquire and I will do my best to make you the items you are looking for! :)
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nylon Headband with Bow Attachment



Nylon Headband with Bow Attachment:
Newborn: $4.00-13 1/2"
Infant: $4.00-15"
Toddler: $4.50-16 1/2"
Adult: $5.50-20 1/2"
I'm still searching for a variety of colors in nylon, because it works so well.  But, for now, black and white are the available colors. However, the goody headbands are available in a variety of colors, check out the 'Goody Ouchless Headbands' post to see the colors listed at the bottom.

Thick Lace Headband with Bow Attachment

Thick Lace Headband with Bow Attachment
Newborn: $4.00-13 1/2"
Infant: $4.00-15"
Toddler: $4.50-16 1/2"
Adult: $5.50-20 1/2"
Available in white only-for now! Hopefully I am able to find more soon!!

Thin Lace Headband with Bow Attachment

Thin Lace Headband with Bow attachment
Newborn: $3.50- 13 1/2"
Infant: $3.50-15"
Toddler: $4.00-16 1/2"
Adult: $5.00-20 1/2"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun Soccer Bows

Fun Soccer Bows with clips! Great for the big game! (large): $3.00/ea

Mia Bow

Pink Polka Dot (medium): $4.00

Denim (medium): $4.00
I love this bow! I think it's a fun variety! It's available in a few different colors (by request).  I absolutely love the shape and color of the pink polka dot version of the Mia Bow :)

Jane Bow

Jane Bow (large): $4.50
This fancy bow is perfect for any occassion. Available in solid white or pink-or a combination of the two :)

Addie Bow

Addie Bow with clip (small): $3.00
Available in a variety of colors. Please specify when you place your order, thanks!

Lucy Bow

Lucy Bow: $3.00
This is a fun and simple bow, perfect for any occasion, and any age!! Also available in green polka dots, and baby pink polka dots

Kylie Bow

Kylie Bow: $5.00
Available in other colors by request

Claire Bow

Claire Bow (large): $4.00
This is a fun and elegant bow. Use it to dress up a simple outfit, or match a dress.  The center ribbon is available in a variety of colors!

Jordyn Bow


Jordyn Bow with clip (medium): $3.00
Also available in pink plaid
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Brooke Bow

Brooke Bows
Available in a variety of colors
15 bows for $5.00 (Brooke Bow/Libby Bow combination available)

The Newborn bows are different than everything else I have on the site.  They are made of ribbon only and are made to stick directly to your baby's head.  Most of you have probably seen these on babies that have little hair when they are born.  This is a picture of Hazel wearing an infant bow.  When the hospital gave her to me, after doing some check ups on the second day, she had a bow on.  They used water soluable Elmer's glue, thats what I used and it worked great.  Others I've talked to have used honey, KY jelly, or Karo syrup.  They are a fun way to make sure others know you are holding a baby girl (when all the pink doesn't send the message ;) ).  The picture of the bows I have is just to give you an idea of what they look like. Not every infant bow bag will have these colors or patterns specifically.  If you have particular colors that you would like to see, send me the list in your order and I will do my best.  I try to make sure there is a broad range of colors.  Thanks so much!

Leslie Bow

Red Polka Dot

Green with flowers
Leslie Bow with clip (large): $4.50