Little Daisy's Boutique carries bows and gift ideas for babies and girls of all ages! All items are made just for you when you order! Choose from the designs and colors you see, or request your own! They make great gifts for everyone, and are especially fun for baby showers!

Availability is limited!! So please note that when you place an order, it is not a guarentee you will recieve those items. Please inquire and I will do my best to make you the items you are looking for! :)
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Layla Bow


Layla Bow: $5.00
I think this bow is so fun for any occasion! Whether dressing up or in jeans your little cutie will just look adorable! Available in a variety of colors and color combinations!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sports Bows

Tie Soccer Bow: $4.00
These bows are perfect for sports! Any little girl can wear them for their big game day.  They are perfect because they have no metal clip so they can be worn the entire game! Buy them for the whole team and get a discount! They are also fun for sports days with mom and dad! Support your favorite sport with different Tie Sport Bows! Right now they are available in soccer and baseball.  If interested in another sport please contact me at

Friday, March 26, 2010

Accessory Hat

Accessory Hat: $7.00
These hats are fun and practical! They keep your baby's head covered while allowing you to still accessorize. :) They have an accessory loop that allows you to attach whatever bow or flower you choose.  This allows you to save money and match multiple outfits.  Instead of having to buy multiple hats, you only buy a few hats and change out the bows and flowers.  They are also available without the accessory loops, for your baby boys. :) Fun and practical!!!! These hats are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex
A few of the available colors, more by request!

Vibrant Teal
Lisa Ruth Photography:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tiffany Bow

Pink Polka Dot and Green Polka Dot


Purple, Yellow and Blue
Perfect colors for the easter season!!!
Tiffany Bow: $3.00ea or $5.00/set
These bows can be bought individually or in a set.  They are smaller bows,
about 2 inches (the size of the barrett).  I think they are fun for pinning hair back or for pigtails!
Available in various colors by request

Jenny Flower

Jenny Flower: $6.00
The Jenny Flower is a large flower, perfect for the spring season or a photography session! Supply is limited so hurry and order! :) They are so much fun!!!
Temporarily OUT OF STOCK

Angie Bow

Angie Bow: $3.50
The Angie bow is available in a few different color combinations. With the red polka dot the back ribbon color is available in yellow, pink or red.  There may be polka dot ribbon in different colors, but it depends on supply availability. Specify if you would like a different color (first and second choice) and I will see what I can do for you.

Kelly Bow

Kelly Bow: $4.00
This fun bow is available in a variety of colors.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cute Baby Alexia

Little Alexia looks so adorable! She's wearing the Sun flower and the Multi-colored Curly bow.  Such a sweetie!!
Thanks Brandy!!

I love seeing pictures of your cuties! Please contact me if you would like to add your baby's picture. Thanks so much!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adorable Baby Heather

Baby Heather is wearing the Lilli Bow beautifully! She looks positively adorable!!

Now Heather is wearing the Gerber Daisy-SO cute!!
Thanks Kelly!!

I love seeing pictures of your cuties! Please contact me if you would like to add your baby's picture. Thanks so much!! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shari Bow

Shari Bow: $5.50
This is a fun vintage bow. I think it's a fun and unique design, compliments my good friend Shari, who introduced it to me. This is available in different colors and sizes. I especially like this design because adds variety. It's something that you don't see very often.  I think it adds a little classy glamour to whatever you or your little girl is wearing.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gift Bags

Gift Bags: $1.50
Add a gift bag to any order for just $1.50! This makes gift giving so easy! Just place your order and you are done!! The gift can come with you own personal note typed up and placed inside the bag.  These are perfect, especially for baby showers or those gifts you need at the last minute.  They are available in boy, girl or neither if you don't know the gender of the baby.  Make it easy on yourself and order everything gift wrapped and ready to go!

White Daisy 2

White Daisy 2: $4.00
This white daisy is unique in the fact that the center can be any color you would like! That means you can buy one or more to match different little outfits! This flower is also more full that Daisy 1.  I think this flower is one of my favorites!
***TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK-please inquire if interested and I'll do what I can!

Tia Flower

Tia Flower: $3.00
The Tia Flower is definately a spring flower! The light range of colors match any number of outfits or sundresses.  I like to pair this flower with a pale pink onzie or T, it pulls out the pink in the flower, and I just think it looks adorable!
*This flower has been changed from the original design because the supplier discontinued the pedals I originally used.  I may be able to eventually return to the orginal design but for now, here is the new Tia Flower!!*

Jackie Flower

Jackie Flower: $3.00
This unique yellow flower is fun for adding a little spunk.  I have an orange flower just like this one for my baby girl and I think it looks absolutely adorable! It's fun because even though I don't have a ton of orange for her, I can put a flower like this on her and it pulls the color and adds a little character.  I also borrow it sometimes, I think flowers are such a fun spring accessory!

White Daisy 1

White Daisy 1: $3.00
This fun yellow and white daisy is perfect for spring! It can dress up any cute outfit and matches just about everything.  It is a fun accessory for either mom or baby.
***TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK-please inquire if interested and I'll see what I can do!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Ribbon Waist Tutu: $10.00-$15.00

Elastic waist Tutu: $12.00-$15.00
These tutus are adorable for any young girl! They are perfect for pictures, for playing dress up or even a dance recital.  They are available in all sizes and volumes (however full you want yours to look). Price does vary depending on size and volume.  I took just a few pictures of Hazel myself and I think that she looks like a little doll! I love them! I can make your tutu with an adjustable ribbon waist band to fit your growing girl, as pictured.  Or you can chose for the waist band to be made of elastic, which ever you prefer.

I think this photo is so beautiful! I just had to add it to the post.  It was taken by Lisa Ruth Photography.
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