Little Daisy's Boutique carries bows and gift ideas for babies and girls of all ages! All items are made just for you when you order! Choose from the designs and colors you see, or request your own! They make great gifts for everyone, and are especially fun for baby showers!

Availability is limited!! So please note that when you place an order, it is not a guarentee you will recieve those items. Please inquire and I will do my best to make you the items you are looking for! :)
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

News Boy Hat

News Boy Hat: $11.00
This is a GREAT deal on an adorable item! These hats are a perfect for keeping your baby's head warm in these cold winter months! They are so fun and available in a variety of colors and sizes! I think that they are a fun and unique style perfect for any age! My daughter has one and I think it is SO adorable! She has gotten so many compliments on it already! I'll post pictures soon :)
News Girl Hat COMING SOON! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Girlie Booties!

Girlie Booties: $11.00
OhMiGooDnesS!! I can NOT get over these booties!!!!!! My sister (from Toni's Tots) made these ADORABLE booties for my daughter Hazel for Christmas! (yes..we opened it early..I just couldn't wait! hehe) Are they not the most adorable thing ever??? I just died when I saw them :) They are a fantastic addition to any little girls wardrobe. Hazel is a year and a half and so they are slippers for her and she LOVES them (but probably not as much as I do! hehe) They are available in a variety of sizes and colors and make GREAT baby shower gifts.They are a fantastic price for something unique, handmade and so adorable!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Booties!

Baby Booties: $10.00
Okay, so these booties are made by Toni's Tots, and have to be one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things that Little Daisy's carries. :) As you can see in the picture they are easy to put on and remove because the entire bootie opens up. You just slip your babies foot in and velcro it closed.  It is a wonderful (and adorable) alternative to a baby shoe or trying to find thick warm socks. They are made with felt and are lined with cotton. They are cozy and soft and will keep your baby's feet nice and cozy. :) They are available in a variety of sizes (wonderful for baby slippers when your little one starts crawling!) There is one pair left in baby blue with striped lining (as pictured). More patterns/colors will be pictured soon.  If you have a color you are interested in ordering please send me an email at and I will get it taken care of for you! Perfect for those chilly winter months!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kiddie Pack ~Another something fun from Toni's Tots!~

Kiddie Pack: $10.00
I LOVE these adorable bags from Toni's Tots! These cinch bags are perfect for carrying anything you or your toddler may need. The size is ideal for your little one! My daughter LOVES to wear them around the house, or anywhere! It's easy for on-the-go moms, just grab and go. It is available in a variety of patterns, for both boys and girls.  Here are some pictures to give you a better idea of what the bag looks like and how it works.

Bag opened 
Bag closed