Little Daisy's Boutique carries bows and gift ideas for babies and girls of all ages! All items are made just for you when you order! Choose from the designs and colors you see, or request your own! They make great gifts for everyone, and are especially fun for baby showers!

Availability is limited!! So please note that when you place an order, it is not a guarentee you will recieve those items. Please inquire and I will do my best to make you the items you are looking for! :)
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kathryn Bow

Kathryn Bow: $4.00
This bow is beautifully simple. The satin ribbon add elegance while still being a cute little something to accessorize with. It's a larger bow which make it great older girls especially, but really it can work for anyone! It's available in baby pink, fuschia, light purple, green (as shown), baby blue, white, black and brown. You have lots to chose from! Match ANY outfit :)

Little Daisy

Little Daisy: $3.75
This adorable petite flower is so perfect for any little girl! It's not as big as the other daisy flowers we have carried in the past, but I like that about it. These would be wonderful for brand new borns with their tiny adorable faces, or in pigtails for those older girls. They work great for keeping what little hair my daughter has out of her eyes. It's just a fun little something to add a pizzazz to any spring outfit.

Ruth Flower

Ruth Flower: $5.00
This flower was been in HIGH demand when it sold out, and I couldn't find it anywhere! But it's back!!! I am so excited to say that I stocked up on what I needed and now we have it back! :) I just love the color and elegance of this flower. It just works for a broad range of ages, and is beautiful any time of the year. I am so happy to have it back!!! :)

Adelyne Flower

Adelyne Flower: $5.00
The Adelyne Flower is back!!! :) This popular and beautiful flower fits a variety of ages up to teens and adults! It's been a perfect addition to a wide group of individuals!! But hurry, supply on these is limited and after they run out I don't know when they will return (bummer of the business!) Love them though!!

Madi Flower

Madi Flower: $6.00
Also available in small for $4.00 :)
I absolutely LOVE this flower! It is perfect for both spring and summer! Bring on the sunshine!! :) It's a beautiful addition to any fun bright outfit. The center has a touch of orange in it, which give it a little depth and variety. I really just love the bright and fun colors of spring!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gabrielle Flower


Gabrielle Flower: $4.00
The Gabrielle Flower is very similar to the Ruth flower but the center is brown instead of black and the pedals are more colorful. I love this style and the way the color looks like it was painted onto the pedals. This is an adorable addition to any baby's outfit!! :)

Cloth Rose -Large-

Cloth Rose (lg): $5.50
Very similar to the medium Cloth Rose-just a little bit larger. Possibly for older girls, or those babies with LOTS of hair :)
Available in baby blue, baby pink, fuschia, purple, yellow and white

Cloth Rose -Medium-

Cloth Rose (medium): $4.50
I love this style. It's especially fun with a little added imbellishment of the leaf. It's a very fun way to bring on the Spring! (and sun hopefully!!)

Cloth Rose -Small-

Cloth Rose: $3.50
I absolutely love this little rose. It's perfect for a newborn (especially on the thin lace headband!) but it's also adorable on any little one especially if they don't have much hair. My daughter still doesn't have quite enough to wear in a full pigtail so its a fun and cute way to keep her hair out of her eyes.
Available in yellow, white, bright pink, baby blue and light pink.